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New Writers Online is proud to showcase the work of our two featured writers, Suzsi Mandeville and Barry Dagman.

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Suzsi has a range of plays, poetry and short stories published here.
Excerpts from her three novels in the Tiffany Davis series are available to preview.
Escape from the Valley of the Kings, The King's Company. The King's Island Prison.
Should you wish to purchase any of these novels, please visit (Kindle Books). Copy & Paste the link below. 

Books cost approx $3.50 (due to US/AUS currency variations, we can't be exact)

Barry's crazy take on cooking and all things stupid will make you laugh out loud.
Read his short stories as he plumbs his way across Victoria with his mate Crabs. As a plumber, Barry makes a great chef and has happily shared his cooking expertise in 'The Cheaty Cook'.
Available from Amazon (approx $3.50)

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Features and Specials

1. Escape from the Valley of the Kings

How would a modern fifteen year-old cope, if she found herself living in The Past? How would The Pa

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2. The Kings Company

When Gran is killed in a car accident, 16-year old Tiffany inherits her travel bag and instantly dec

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3. The Kings Island Prison

"This is where I get arrested. Of course, I don’t have any papers, so they’ll just assume I’m

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