3. The Alien Invasion

3. The Alien Invasion


So, Sheree  (that’s me girlfriend, in case youse weren’t followin) she’s all cuddled up the other night (with me, in case youse were wonderin’) an (yeh, we were in bed.   Are you going to keep interuptin cos I’m never gonna get thru this if youse keep it up) so I got all cozy an romantic like an I said:  “This is nice.  I really like this.  Do you like this?”  An she bit me!

“Ow!  What d’you do that for?”

“That’s fer askin stoopid questions!  Of course I like it.  I wouldn’t be here if I didn’ like it.  Is this some kind of trick question?”

So I gave this some thought.  I thought a trick question was:  Is your card the Ace of Diamonds?  How can “Do you like this?” be tricky?   I was too scared to ask, in case she bit me again.

“I bit you so you’ll know I’m not an alien,” she sed.

We were both quiet for a while after that.  I mean, what can youse say …?

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