3. The Kings Island Prison

3. The Kings Island Prison


The holiday is nearly over but Tiffany still hasn’t done her homework assignment – Convict Settlement in Tasmania.

Researching the internet will take forever, but what if she went back and had a quick look for herself?

I pull the travel bag out from the wardrobe and look at it, drumming up my courage. I’m starting to panic.

I’ve never done this before. What if it doesn’t work? What if it goes wrong?

It never went wrong for Gran. She obeyed the rules: don’t get involved. Just look.

I take a deep breath and reach for a pen. I write a note: Convicts in Tasmania 1830 - 1840

And then, holding my breath, I drop the note into the travel bag.

But in Tasmania, Tiffany meets another time-traveller, Willem McDonnell, who unfortunately looks exactly like Hamish MacAdam, a murderer who has been sentenced to hang for his crimes. Willem can’t prove his true identity, only Tiffany knows the truth and she has problems of her own.

Riiiiight. This is where I get arrested too. Of course, I don’t have any papers, so they’ll just assume I’m another escaped convict. They’ll have two hangings for the price of one – me and Willem, side by side up on the scaffold!

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