Ordinary Murder. (Short Story)

Ordinary Murder.      (Short Story)


I’m not going to be impulsive about this. No no. Let’s see, I’ve given this plenty of thought. I must have stood here in the shower for at least half an hour before I realised I was going to have to kill her.

I didn't actually make a decision; I just ran out of alternatives. Silly really. I always think of murderers - yes dear, this is murder we're talking about. Better get used to the idea: Murder. Murder. Murder. Feel better now? Where was I? Murderers. Oh yes. I always think of murderers as being cold, heartless men whose mothers' didn't love them or teach them good respectful human values. Men who prey on women and have no feelings.

Have to revise that dear. Put in a new category: Ordinary people who despair!

interesting story - Suzsi Mandeville