Susan Dithers. (Short Story)

Susan Dithers.     (Short Story)


It was late when the almost full moon rose above the black, black trees of Dakota that lined the ridge separating Dakota from Pennsylvania. So they might actually be the black, black trees of Pennsylvania, Susan mused and wondered why this had never bothered her before.
After all, it had never bothered Doris Day who had blithely sung about the Black, Black Trees of Dakota in the film Calamity Jane, which probably held the title for most unconvincing and historically inaccurate film of all time, but nevertheless, was a firm favourit of Susan’s, which explains why she was often to be found blithely humming the tune, but never daring to sing it out loud out of respect to Doris who had nailed it and Susan didn’t dare challenge perfection, even in the privacy of her kitchen.
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